Sunday, July 8, 2012

Celebrating Independence

Rob and Faith celebrating Independence Day at the Capitol Building
I was so proud of Faith today - she went to children's church all by herself! The few times Faith had gone before, she didn't want to go by herself so I went with her.

Going in with her last week was sort of a bummer because I missed a really great sermon on the kinds of things we were going to be doing in Heaven. But this week, Faith went by herself and when I peeked in the window, she was talking away to the children's church teacher.

When I went in to get her, she told me very excitedly that she had just learned a lesson. When I asked what about she said, "A lesson about God."

I think Faith is getting a boost of confidence because she has been going in for prayer at the Healing Rooms by herself too. When we go to the Healing Rooms, we write down our prayer requests, give them to whomever is at the desk and then go into a prayer room to be prayed over by those on the Healing Rooms team.

When we get there, we are always asked if we all want to go in for prayer together or separately and on one particular evening when Rob had taken her, Faith said she wanted to go in by herself. The next week when I took her, Faith again said she wanted to go in by herself. I was a little sad because I love being present when they pray for Faith but at the same time, I know she is wanting to be a big girl and do things on her own.
One of Faith's favorite places
One of the best areas Faith is gaining independence is her sleeping! Lately, she has been falling asleep all on her own and then waking up only a couple times a night before falling back to sleep again. Many of you know sleep has been a big struggle for Faith and we have been striving for this goal for a long time. We have prayed and prayed for her sleep to get better and feel those prayers are being answered.

We did have a setback this past weekend when Faith had a lot of trouble falling asleep and Rob finally gave in and sat on the couch with her. She then woke up a couple of times yelling for me, so we were all wide awake. Thank goodness though those instances are getting less and less.
Faith is a big girl falling asleep and staying asleep on her own

Rob has been grading her on how well she's been doing with her sleeping and this past week she got two A+'s! Rob didn't want to give her an F on the night she had her setback so he gave her an E instead. I said maybe we should give her an EF - Epic Fail. When she does get an A+, she is obviously pretty proud of herself because she tells everyone she sees. We too are proud of our growing girl and are celebrating every step of her independence.

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