Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Christmas Moments

Though it wasn't a white Christmas - not too many people minded considering the astronomical amounts of snow we have received the last three winters - it was definitely a Merry one! Following are some photos of some of our special moments this Christmas.

Our Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes that Rob and Faith delivered to
Faith's teachers and therapists at school. 

Our little family
Our friend Joann delivers a wonderful Christmas present to Faith -
a porcelain tea set
Faith enjoying a special visit from Auntie Barbara and Uncle Todd
Faith's new hat!
Faith finally reaches December 24th on her
Lego Advent Calendar!
"Cookies for the Bousfield Family - Rob Cari Faith" cookie jar that my parents got us for
Christmas. It's perfect because Faith has been eating a lot of cookies lately!
Faith's personalized cupcake painting to match her cupcake room!
Riding along with Todd and Barbara on the way to Watford City
The Lawlar family on Christmas Day
Happy to have Barbara and Amber join us as sisters!
Funny boys - Donnie trying to take a picture of the inside of Preston's mouth!
Me and Dad - 2 NDSU Alumni who will cheering for the Bison
to win a national championship in January!
A beautiful Western North Dakota sunset -
the perfect ending to a wonderful Christmas Day!
We truly hope everyone had a safe, wonderful, joyous, peaceful Christmas this year and will have a very blessed New Year!


  1. Wow - Faith, you are really growing up! It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas - and I hope the new year brings with it all yours dreams and wishes Xx

  2. Hey Cari, it's Tes, I read your blog on Mom's computers. Neat pics and little story to go along with them. It was so nice seeing you and Thank You for the gifts you brought for the boys. They played with those Legos all day!