Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Appointment

Faith did great yesterday getting her x-rays taken. She stayed nice and still so that the technicians could get three good pictures of her hips. Shortly afterwards we headed upstairs to talk to the doctor and to see the pictures we had just taken. When the doctor pulled them up on the computer, even I could tell it wasn't good news.

Faith's left hip has proceeded to come out of its socket. We had been hoping and praying for no changes, as the last two x-rays have shown. This time, though we could clearly see this was no longer the case. Her hip is about 40% out of its socket. At this point, we know we have to take action. If not, Faith's hip will, over time, become completely displaced.

We set up a consult with a surgeon for November 1. From there we will set up another date for Faith's surgery to get her baclofen pump. This will be the first procedure for Faith where she will have an extended hospital stay - most likely 3-5 days. Thankfully, this can all be done here in Bismarck. We are also thankful that we are not alone - we know we can turn to other parents of kids with baclofen pumps for questions and support.

Though we are facing the reality of Faith getting a baclofen pump, we continue to pray that God will heal her hip. We know we must continue to step forward in faith while stepping forward medically as well. We welcome your prayers as we head into yet another area of uncharted territory with Faith.

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  1. Faith - I'm so very proud of you for being a brave, patient & tough little girl ! Cari & Rob - know you are all in our prayers as you walk thru another valley with her !! I'm praying for amazing, swift hands in her upcoming surgeon as well as major gains in her standing and her strength as she recovers !!