Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a Weekend

It has been quite the weekend. It all started Friday when Faith had her last day of summer school. She had really struggled getting to school the last two weeks because of her cold that just wouldn't go away. She also wasn't sleeping well which made things even worse. She missed three days of school last week but she made it on the last day! And the best part was that she drove her power chair home from school! Her dad was especially impressed at how great she drives.

Normally, she has her seating system on a manual base and she switches over to her power base when she's in school. We are hoping to get her in her power chair more and more which will be easier for us when we get our van - for which our loan has been approved! If everything goes smoothly this week we will be getting our van by the coming weekend!

On Saturday we told Faith we were going on an adventure and drove two hours to a lake resort called Indian Hills where my whole family was camping. The point of the get-together was to have a belated 60th birthday party for my dad. Shortly after we got there, we gathered all eight of my parents' grandchildren for a photo.

Faith with her cousins: Samuel, Justine, Ashton, Kenzie, Sydnee, Donnie and Preston.

Unfortunately, it was very hot and we didn't know how long Faith was going to be able to handle the heat. Plus she was still getting over her cold so we really didn't want to push it. We had lunch, visited and headed back to our air-conditioned apartment where we stayed the rest of the day. Even though it was a short stay, it was fun to see everyone.

Grandpa, Faith and Rob hanging out in the shade

Today (Sunday) was another very hot, humid day and again we ventured out into the heat to go to one of Faith's best friend's birthday parties. We managed to keep Faith in the shade as much as possible and every now and then a nice breeze blew through.

I also kept her cool by spraying water on her which she liked. The rest of the girls had fun running through the sprinkler but Faith didn't want to get quite that wet. She had fun making a tie-dye shirt and painting her little pot and pet rock. After cake and ice cream, the festivities were moved indoors where it was nice and cool!

Faith enjoying the shade on a super hot day
Having fun with paint
We had a great weekend and although it will continue to be hot this week (hopefully not as humid), we will have a great week as it is now officially summer vacation for Faith.

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