Monday, January 25, 2010

Together Moms Have Super Power

It is yet another cold, blustery day on the Northern Plains. The temperature may be above zero, but the wind makes it biting cold. Personally, it is not the kind of weather in which I want to be pushing a wheelchair. Frankly, I probably wouldn't even be able to push a wheelchair through this wind especially over the snow-drifted sidewalks and icy patches. That's where my friend, Tina comes in. She has truly saved the day more than once this winter.

It was in December during a cold snap that Tina noticed me pushing a very bundled up Faith to school. Her heart went out to us and that night she asked her husband to take one of the seats out of their van so they could transport Faith to school. Tina called me and wanted to try it. Although I admired her enthusiasm, I had my doubts that it would work. Faith's chair was heavy and we were going to have to lift it up into her van. Plus, I didn't know if Faith was going to sit very well in one of her daughter's car seats.

We picked a day that was semi-warm to try it out. I was surprised at how easily the two of us were able to pick Faith's chair up and fit it into her van. And although it's not optimum for her, Faith does sit okay in Tina's daughter's chair. The best part of it all though is how much fun Faith has going to school and back home in the van. She laughs and giggles when we put her in the van and she loves having Tina's daughters clamour all over her trying to help get her buckled in the seat.

There have been many days this winter that I have been so thankful for Tina's kindness and willingness to transport Faith. I really didn't think winter would be such a problem being so close to the school. But God knew and He made a way to get Faith to school. He also showed us that when moms get together such problems can be solved and we have Super Power to get through all of the difficulties and challenges that life hands us.

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