Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

"First day of school, first day of school!" This line from the movie, Finding Nemo, resounds through my head. Little Nemo was so excited to go to school and begin a whole new adventure. His overprotective father, Marlin, not so much. His father tried to tell him he could always wait another year before going to school but Nemo heard none of it.

I felt like Marlin this morning, thinking we didn't have to do this yet did we? Couldn't we wait another year? Was she really ready? I got my answer shortly after stepping through the front doors of her new school.

"Faith, are you ready to go to your classroom?"


She had a big smile on her face all the way to the elevator, down the hall, around the corner to her classroom door. I held on to her wheelchair not wanting to let go just yet. I wanted to take her into her classroom, get her settled in and just make sure she was going to be OK. But when Faith's teacher's aid asked Faith if she wanted to say goodbye to mom I found out she was more ready than I was. She barely looked at me and said, "See you later!"

I reluctantly let her go telling her I loved her and that I would be back in four hours. I don't think she heard any of it. Who was this little girl so ready to be separated from her mommy? So ready to be off on a new adventure? So excited to be a little more independent?

I shouldn't have been so surprised that she did so well this morning. I had prayed about this day since her last day of preschool - prayed that the transition to kindergarten would be a smooth and simple one. And now this morning, I am realizing the answer to those prayers. Although I am a little sad, I am thankful and grateful. Thankful to God and for the wonderful team of people at Faith's school who will be working with her. I know she couldn't be at a better place.

It has been hard being at home this morning by myself. It is so quiet. I miss her singing her little songs and her constantly asking me for a hug. But soon, I will return for her and I will hear all about her first day of school. I am looking so forward to that and will continue to look forward to it for the next nine months.

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