Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transistions - From Stay at Home to Working Mom

Rob and I have certainly had our share of transitions since getting married nine years ago. About seven months after having Faith, we closed our desk-top publishing business in Watford City and made the move to Bismarck. This was all totally unplanned but due to Faith's medical needs, we felt God was preparing the way for us to make such a huge transition.

Since coming to Bismarck, there have been more transitions including a few moves from apartment to apartment and having to get used to Faith's adaptive equipment, tube feedings, and the many therapy appointments that go along with having a child with special needs. It seems that just when we get into the groove of a new transition, another one comes our way. And more often than not, they are quite unexpected.

This latest transition involved me going back to work after being home with Faith for three years while Rob took his turn once again to be a stay-at-home dad. At first, Rob and I were a little stunned about our situation but the more we thought about it and the more we told God we trusted Him, the more we realized this transition would be a good thing for our family.

On my second day of work (October 25th) Faith turned 8 years old.
This past week marked one month since I've been working. There are many mornings I leave without even seeing Faith. She needs as much sleep as she can get so I don't ever want to wake her up to say goodbye. There was one morning though that I was all dressed for work and Faith got up and started crying when she saw me. She said, "Mommy, get back into your pajamas." It truly broke my heart to leave her that morning. Most evenings when I come home she says, "Mommy come over here so I can see what you're wearing." She's getting used to me wearing nice sweaters instead of old sweatpants!

All in all, Faith has been doing great with the transition. Although she misses her mom, she and her dad have truly been enjoying their time together. Rob has also been doing great getting her ready for school, taking her to get her hair cut and exchanging information with Faith's aides at school.

Rob and I decided long ago that one of us would always stay at home with Faith and for now, it's Rob's turn to be the stay-at-home parent. And while I have had to give up my Thursday morning Bible study and much of my writing time, I know that God will continue to guide us through this transition and any other ones that are sure to come.

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