Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness

Throughout the month of November, I have noticed many of my Facebook friends celebrating the month of Thanksgiving by updating their status each day saying what they are thankful for. I haven’t been doing this on Facebook, so here are my 30 days of thankfulness all in one day.

During the month of November these are the things I have been particularly thankful for:


2. My wonderful husband and our amazing daughter

3. Our accessible van

4. Wi-fi

5. Finally being a two-car family

6. Living in Bismarck and in North Dakota

7. Praying friends and family

8. JOY International women’s ministry

9. Health insurance

10. Heaters that emit warmth

11. Wonderful Christian music

12. Our amazing respite care ladies who look after Faith

13. Having a good job

14. Warm coffee drinks w/ whip

15. Faith’s school and everyone who works with her there

16. Great haircuts from our stylist, Julie

17. Good books to read

18. Knowing a trustworthy mechanic who fixed the cracked boots on our  Hyundai

19. New clothes for work

20. Date nights with my husband

21. Flannel pajamas

22. Yummy soup

23. - a great site for writers

24. Faith’s new stander

25. Rob’s willingness to clean and his attempts to make dinner

26. The volunteers and the ministry of the  The Healing Rooms

27. Feeling peaceful during times of uncertainty

28. Getting good sleep

29. Connecting with other women who share a love for God

30. No sub-zero temperatures thus far and barely any snow

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