Friday, May 6, 2011

Faith's Recycling Project

In school, the students are learning about three important R words - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But not only did the first graders at Centennial Elementary learn about these words, they put them to action.

All three first grade classrooms were asked to take empty cartons, cans, containers and other materials; save them and remake them into something else. This afternoon they were able to share their recycled projects. I must say, some of them got quite creative!

The parents were able to go around their child's classroom and look at the projects one by one. When someone came up to their table, the student said their name, described their project and then asked if there were any questions. The kids seemed to have a good time telling their audience about their reused and recycled products.

There were trains made from pop bottles and empty soup cans, robots made from several different boxes, plant containers made out of egg cartons, a few birdhouses and even a black unicorn made out of lots of different things. One boy even made a basketball hoop and another made his very own aluminum can recycling box.

As for Faith, we made picture frames made out of an empty frozen dinner container and a piece of cardboard from an empty box. We put tissue paper around them and then cut letters from magazines to stick on the frames. With a little help from her aide, she did really well telling people about her project.

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