Friday, February 4, 2011

A Tough Week Filled with Birthday Blessings

This has been a tough week with me and Faith both having colds and not feeling so well. Of course it doesn't help that when Faith isn't feeling well she just can't sleep. After three nights of not sleeping well, I am pretty much in zombie mode. Yesterday, we did take Faith to the walk-in clinic and she was tested for strep, which she doesn't have. The doctor didn't think it was a sinus infection so I guess we have to wait to see if she gets better.

Besides health issues, a good friend of mine lost her oldest brother (oldest of 10) in an accident. He was shoveling snow off of the roof of a barn and he ended up falling through the roof and died as a result. He is survived by his parents, his wife and seven kids, nine siblings and lots of nieces and nephews. My friend and her whole family have been heavy on my heart all week. You can read about Janee's brother and watch a touching tribute to him here.

In the midst of the tough events of the week, I feel extremely blessed to have my family and many dear friends. I also feel blessed to live to be 37 years old. This may sound strange but when I was diagnosed with such a serious heart condition, my parents were told by doctors that I probably wouldn't live to the age of 2. After I lived past 2 then it was 4. There was always this sort of death sentence hanging over my head. Thanks to the healing hand of God, along with advances in pediatric cardiology I am still here today and plan to be for many more birthdays!

A spontaneous birthday celebration following supper at Texas Road House.

My yummy birthday cake from Cold Stone. (Thanks Todd and Barbara!)
Faith looking a little sleepy as her bedtime nears
My new pink HP Netbook!

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