Monday, August 2, 2010

Smiling Despite the Pain

Yesterday, Faith cut her little toe. Rob was in the back room with Faith and I was in the adjoining bathroom taking a shower. Rob had put Faith on the floor beside the door so she could talk to me while I was in the shower.

Faith was yelling, "Mommy can you hear me?"

I yelled back, "YES!"

Then when I got out, I put on my robe and opened the door. Faith got so excited and starting giggling.

"Did you have a nice shower?" She asked.

She was acting like her normal cheery self so I was surprised to look over and see bright red blood on the floor. Immediately, I bent down towards her to find out where she hurt herself. I saw blood on her toes on her left foot. I called Rob over and we tried to wipe the blood away so we could figure out where she cut herself. It wasn't until Rob and I started fussing over her that she realized she had hurt herself.

While Rob picked her up and held her, I went to get bandages and other first-aid supplies. The blood kept coming and we were accumulating a pile of bloody bandages. I found she had cut herself on the bottom of her baby toe so I applied pressure to try to stop the bleeding. Faith looked a little panicky but she wasn't crying.

From what we could tell, it looked like when she was kicking her feet around she caught her baby toe on something but when we tried to figure out what she sliced her toe on, we couldn't see anything sharp. Finally, I was able to stop the bleeding and put a band-aid on her little toe, which was a feat in itself since her baby toe is so tiny. Last night, it started bleeding again in the bathtub so I doctored it up again and this morning it appears to be healing.

Faith didn't even cry when she cut herself. If she hadn't been bleeding, we would have never known that she hurt herself. Rob and I concluded that she feels pain everyday, especially with the high tone in her legs. To her, a cut on the toe is nothing compared to what she goes through on a day-to-day basis. This makes me sad for my daughter. At the same time though, I feel even more proud of her because despite the pain she feels, she still has such a bright, cheery attitude. And this, I believe, is because she knows she is loved so much by so many.

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