Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Little Baker

Faith loves to bake. And as she informed her respite care provider the other day, "I'm really good at mixing!"

She likes to watch all of the ingredients go into the bowl, and then I help her stir it all together. She watches intently as I put the baked goods - usually muffins or cookies - into the oven. I turn on the timer and she knows our creation is ready when the bell goes, "DING!"

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that I don't really bake all that much. Probably better for weight control but those baked goods sure are yummy with a cup of coffee. Faith still gets her baking time in though as all of her respite care providers have baked with her at one time or another. One of her providers even bought her the cutest little apron.

Yesterday, while Kimberly was watching Faith, she informed Kimberly that she wanted to make something in the kitchen. So she and Kimberly searched in the pantry for something they could make. Aha! A little box of Jiffy cookie mix was sitting on the shelf. I was in the back room working on my computer when I thought I heard drawers opening and closing, pans clanging together and lots of giggling. I just figured Kimberly was fixing her lunch and Faith thought it was funny.

Then I heard Faith and Kimberly coming down the hallway. Faith sounded very excited. She was making that sort of high-pitched squealing noise she does when she's up to something. I heard them get closer and closer then there was a knock at the door. When I opened it up, Faith could hardly contain herself. "I want to show you something we made for you, mommy!" She was smiling so big as she said the words that I barely understood her.

On a plate on her lap was a large sugar cookie. I told her, "Oh thank you Faith. It looks delicious!"

Even though she had lots of help, baking cookies was all her idea. She was so proud of herself and I was proud of her too. And the cookies really did taste good - daddy proved that when he came home for lunch and ate three of them!

I will never forget her giggling and squealing with excitement wanting to show me something she helped make. It really was one of those precious moments that a mom never forgets.

Faith having fun mixing when she was four years old.

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