Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faith's New Friend

Faith likes dogs. Let me rephrase - Faith likes quiet dogs. And today she met one of those quiet dogs, a cute little pom-a-poo named Molly who is now her new friend.

Today Faith and I took a stroll down Ithica Drive to our friend, Mrs. Volk's house. We became friends with her when she was assigned to work with Faith during kindergarten. They became quite fond of one another. I was so thankful all year for being able to have someone I could completely trust to take care of Faith during the school year. When we got closer to her house, we saw Mrs. Volk outside walking her dog, Molly. When we got inside, Mrs. Volk held Molly up to Faith so Faith could pet her. Faith was very gentle and really liked to touch her soft, fuzzy ears.

Faith also liked it when she saw what tricks Molly could perform. Molly was quite the entertainer, sitting pretty, shaking hands, rolling over and speaking - all for treats of course. Faith sort of jumped when Molly "spoke" but then Faith made Molly sort of jump too with her own high-pitched squeals.

When Molly wandered away looking for a place to nap, Faith would say, "come here, come Molly" in her sweet little voice. Later, Mrs. Volk's husband came in and Molly followed him upstairs. Faith listened very intently for the little jingle of Molly's collar, hoping she would come back down. Faith could have been with that little dog all day and she would have been perfectly content.

When it was time to go Mrs. Volk and Molly both walked with us part way up the street. Faith kept her eye on Molly the whole time. And when it was finally time to say goodbye Mrs. Volk held Molly up to Faith and she said, "Good-bye, Molly. And remember, I love you!"

Oh how I wish Faith could have a sweet little dog like Molly. Maybe someday. In the time being, we'll just have to find more quiet dogs for her to befriend.

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