Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling Refreshed

My friend and I are currently taking part in a small group Bible study about the fruit of the Spirit. In this week's lesson it talks about being a friend who is refreshing. Yesterday, I was blessed to have a friend who gave me a chance to be refreshed.

Once again, Faith has gotten into a cycle of not sleeping well and is up several times throughout the night. Yesterday morning it had just gotten to be too many nights in a row of poor sleep and we were both exhausted. I allowed her to stay home from school to get some rest which meant I couldn't take the nap I was hoping to have when she was at school. I prayed that God would give me the energy to make it through the day. But He gave me something better - a chance to have a three-hour nap!

Around mid-afternoon, I called our respite care provider/friend, Michelle to see if she was available in the evening. Instead, she asked if I would rather have her take Faith in the afternoon. (It happened to work out with her job that she was free late in the afternoon). I told her that would be great! I managed to get Faith to her therapy appointment and Michelle was going to pick her up when she was done and take her to the library.

After dropping Faith off at MedCenter, I came home and promptly went to bed. That was at three in the afternoon. When I woke up, it was 6:00! The strange thing was, the apartment was completely quiet. My husband, knowing I needed sleep had found things to do after work so he wouldn't come home and accidentally wake me up. Neither him nor Faith came home until 7:30. So not only did I have a chance to sleep, but I watched Wheel of Fortune and ate my supper all in quiet bliss!

I am so thankful that Michelle not only looked after Faith at therapy but also took her to the library for two hours so I could get lots of rest. God is so good - when I really didn't think I could make it through the day feeling extremely tired, he truly provided for my needs. I am thankful to Him for that as well as thankful for a friend like Michelle!

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