Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Allie

Faith has this baby doll that she named Allie. Her friend and respite care provider, Kimberly, was with her when she named her Allie. Her little doll came from her grandparents in Canada. It's the perfect doll for Faith. In fact, baby Allie's tiny feet are the size that Faith's feet were when she was just two weeks old. Also, Allie wears Faith's preemie clothes perfectly.

Faith loves playing with Baby Allie. Faith's favorite game to play is "Let's get baby Allie dressed." This means, I get on the floor with Faith, she tells me what color of onsie Allie should wear, then picks out her pajamas then socks and a hat. After we get her all dressed, we lay Allie in her crib. Faith then says, we need to snuggle Allie with her blankets so she can stay warm and healthy. We put Allie's three blankets on her and she barely gets time to sleep because Faith starts yelling, "Wake up Allie wake up!" So we take off the blankets, get her out of her crib, undress her and then dress her all over again. This could go on for hours. It's sweet but a little redundant for me!

Besides loving her Baby Allie, she loves babies in general. Every time she sees one, she wants to talk to the baby. One time she was so infatuated with a little baby in the therapy waiting room that when her occupational therapist came out to get her and asked if she was ready, Faith yelled, "No, I don't want to see you Nicole!" Nicole looked a little taken aback so I hurriedly had to explain to her that Faith wanted to stay with the baby.

There was one time that Faith and I went to visit a friend of ours who had just had a baby, and while Faith loved seeing the baby she didn't seem too thrilled about me holding the baby. I think jealousy was kicking in!

Sometimes I feel a little sad because I think Faith would make a great big sister. But that is a whole new post! For now, I'm just grateful she has Baby Allie to play with and other babies to smile and talk to.

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