Friday, February 5, 2010

Gut Feelings

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Sometimes I think that gut feeling is really the Holy Spirit. This has happened to me a few times recently. Once I was getting ready to go to a meeting to learn how I could get more involved in a particular group. But at the last minute before walking out the door, something compelled me not to go to the meeting. I heard a voice inside my head ask, "do you really want to do this?" No, I didn't want to, I just thought I should. I really do believe God knows what is best for us and for whatever reason maybe He didn't think my decision was the wisest one to make.

More recently, I had another one of these gut feelings but I didn't listen to it right away. It involved our respite care for Faith. We were trying to get a third provider to help fill in some of our allotted hours. On the first day we were introduced to her I just had this feeling. My husband happened to come home for lunch and he said he felt the same way. I decided though that we needed to at least give her a chance.

Two weeks later, I finally decided to listen to my gut or my heart or the Holy Spirit or whatever and ended our respite care time with her. I felt horrible because it's not that there was anything wrong with her and she was a very quick learner but there was just this, this, you know, this feeling. Faith didn't seem to make a complete connection with her and I just didn't feel 100% comfortable. I really didn't want this respite care provider to feel rejected but I also knew the importance of having a respite care provider whom you can completely feel 100% comfortable with, especially when you leave your child in their care.

They say that we women have women's intuition. I guess this is another way to explain that gut feeling. Sometimes we may not understand why we are having these feelings but I think we need to listen or pay attention to them. Sometimes maybe God is just giving us a nudge reminding us that we need to pray about certain decisions. I really don't understand why I'm having these feelings with this respite care provider but I know that I serve an all-knowing God. And when I get these gut feelings I need to stop, pray and listen for the Holy Spirit's guidance.

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