Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Missing Arm

I'm sure by now Faith's teacher's aid thinks I'm somewhat of a space cadet. On occasion I forget to bring things to school, like for instance, Faith's feeding. Faith's aid has gotten to the point where she writes little reminders to me in our communications notebook. Sometimes, though, even with these helpful little reminders, I still forget. But yesterday was the real kicker! When I got Faith to school, her aid noticed one of Faith's arms from her chair was missing.

Let me explain. Faith's chair comes in two parts - her seating system and a base with wheels. At home she has an extra base which enables Faith to power her own chair. In the process of switching bases, we take one of the chair's arms off and replace it with another arm for the power base. This arm has a little computer on it to tell Faith when the chair is on. In putting Faith's regular base back on, I have to take the computer arm out and replace it with the chair's normal arm. Which apparently, I forgot to do yesterday morning.

I was a little embarrassed about Faith having a one-armed chair yesterday. But today, I was able redeem myself because not only did I remember her arm, I also remembered her feeding, her tray, her extra changing supplies and her strawberry shortcake doll for show and share. Even Faith's aid was impressed!

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