Monday, November 30, 2009

No Fun Being Sick Mom

Thankfully, during these past six years it has been very rare that I've been too sick to look after Faith. But these past couple of weeks, though I have still been able to look after her - with the help of dad and respite care - it has been a challenge.

It all started with a cough then my sinuses began to ache. After being diagnosed with a sinus infection I was put on antibiotics. I asked the doctor for something for my cough and he was going to prescribe some cough syrup that would knock me out as well as soothe my cough. I told him I didn't want that because I needed to be up at night with my daughter. So he prescribed these little pearl-like pills. Needless to say, they did not do the trick and I am still coughing.

The hardest thing through this whole ordeal has been the lack of appetite and not having a lot of energy. It really did take all I could muster to walk Faith to school and back, after which I would go into a coughing frenzy, sometimes to the point of dry-heaving. Thankfully, I had a four-day reprieve of taking her to school over the Thanksgiving holiday. Speaking of which all we ended up doing was going out to eat at Perkins. I was too sick for us to go anywhere and wanted to go eat at a place I could bring my leftovers home. Faith had lots of fun eating her mammoth muffin.

As a family, we all took it easy over the holiday and played lots of PlayStation, which Faith and her dad especially enjoy. I was able to muster up some energy to meet some of my family at Ruby Tuesday and to put up some Christmas decorations. Faith was so excited to go to school today and I'm afraid part of that is due to her being bored at home. Hopefully this virus is near the end and I can regain my energy for hers and my sake.

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